Cost Savings
Why not have your chemistry made without variation. Our precise computer controlled handling of your chemical specifications enables us to offer a +/- of .5% resolution per raw material add on a 5,000 gallon batch. That’s 10 times better than the standard +/- 5% accuracy most suppliers now offer, meaning less raw material waste. This translates into more savings per batch and enables us to be very competitive with our pricing.

Our Inline Filling System gives us precise control of product bottling and offers speeds comparable to a Rotary Filling System, without the additional expenses of tooling for multiple bottle sizes. We are able to fill over sixty 8 oz. bottles per minute which means lower costs per bottle for you.

Our advanced system enables us to pump the liquid into the bottles, which means no splashing (unlike a gravity filled system). So we are able to fill every bottle to the exact level every time.

And we have the versatility to go from filling 8 oz. bottles on our bottling line to filling a 5,000 gallon tanker. And the capacity to go from 750 gallons up to 5,000 gallons.